Face Dental provide the best dental implants Coventry has to offer. We understand that sometimes patients can lose their natural teeth long before their time. Gum disease and tooth decay, accidents and injuries can all lead to tooth loss. With dental implants, your dentist can provide a permanent method of replacing them.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Permanent solution to missing teeth
  • Colour matching
  • As close to a natural tooth as possible
  • Lifelong solution
  • Eat, talk and smile with confidence
  • Customised care
  • Finance available
  • Free consultation
dental implant colour matching

How do dental implants work?

Whilst standard dentures or bridges replace the crowns of any missing teeth, they don’t replace the roots. Dental implants are the key to replacing tooth roots, made from titanium and placed straight into your jaw bone in a minor operation, which is carried out under local anaesthetic.

Once in place, dental implants form a strong bond with the jaw bone, meaning they create an anchor for replacement teeth.

Dental implants in Coventry

Please join us at Face Dental for a FREE consultation with our implant dentist Dr Abdul Osman. He will assess your suitability for treatment. We have the latest in digital technology to make sure your implant journey is as smooth as possible.

Why dental implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth

Dental implants offer people with missing teeth a second chance not just to smile, but also to enjoy the full functionality of a complete jaw of teeth. Since Abdul has completed his Masters degree in dental implants, we can treat anything from a simple single implant placement to a complex full-mouth restoration, including additional procedures to rebuild the density of your jaw bone.

At Face dental, we are keen to stress that missing teeth should always be replaced, to avoid further complications with your dental and general health. We believe that dental implants are often the best way to do this.

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