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We can offer you a range of financial options to make your dental treatment more manageable for you. After seeing us for a consultation we will provide you with a treatment plan and discuss the range of options we have available such as:

  • Split Payments
  • In-house dental treatment finance
  • External finance for dental treatment
  • Great savings with our dental plan

You can pay only half the fee upfront and wait until completion of your treatment to pay the rest. Or pay in fixed instalments over the duration of your treatment. At Face we have the full trust of our patients and understand their needs. Please let us know if this is a suitable payment option for you.

On Completion

We provide our own in-house dental finance one of the only practices in the area to offer 0% finance to our patients please let us know if you are interested in our special in-house finance options.

If you would like the payment broken into more manageable numbers, we can offer you our external finance package which carries only a small interest amount. Subject to credit status, we will arrange the external finance to take away the stress of the payments This makes having that smile makeover so much easier.

Click here to use our finance calculator.

Our dental plan helps you to maintain your oral health, whilst enabling you to spread the cost of your routine dental care. That’s why we’ve introduced our own dental membership plans starting from £9.95 per month to ensure healthy teeth, gums and worldwide dental insurance.

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